Wedding rings

Since the ancient Rome, wedding rings have been a symbol of love, loyalty, faith, and trust but also friendship.
They were symbolised by two clasped hands which represented the union of the couple’s hands committing themselves to these values, like a pact during the marriage ceremony. We called those rings ~ Fede rings. It comes from the latin words "fede in mani" which meant: hands clasped in faith.
The circle shape of wedding rings goes back to the meaning of the ouroboros.
Serpent eating its own tail, symbol of eternity, no beginning and no end.
This circular snake evolved from Egypt to the Greco-Roman cultural sphere.
Initially connected to the resurrection in the netherworld, it became the guardian of Ra, then the protector of Osiris.
We see these rings used through time not only as symbols of protection, rebirth or eternity but also as a visible way to show commitment to another.



Each lovestory is unique, so are your wedding bands. I invite you to book an appointment so we can design your own pair.