At the age of 21, Julia moved from Liège to Antwerp to complete her artistic studies with a master degree in design & contemporary jewellery at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. After her graduation in 2020, she's still travelling all around Belgium and keeps being busy in the jewellery world.

From time to time, she meets her clients in her own studio in Antwerp where she designs and crafts both custom-made jewellery and small collections. Passionate about design, metals and craftsmanship, she keeps on working as a goldsmith 2 days a week for another jewellery brand while she works on her own the rest of the time.

Finding a good balance between the ready-to-wear and contemporary jewellery is the biggest challenge of Julia. Her most contemporary pieces were exhibited in various exhibitions like at the Quai4 & Cdlt+ galleries in Liège, also in Munich during the Munich Jewellery Week and in De Studio for the Subbacultcha's exhibition in Antwerp.

Julia attaches a great importance to her minimalist universe where all details are meaningful. Her designs tend paradoxically towards organic and architectural forms. Her jewellery, entirely handmade, are timeless so you can enjoy their essence for a long time.


 Picture: Mike Dans